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Portal 724, LLC. is a supplier of Information Technology, Information Systems and Hosting Solutions.

We have over 20 years of experience in Business Automation Solutions.  The skills at Portal 724 are extensive and our solutions are fully integrated and scalable.  This allows our customers to increase productivity with features, functionality and services that are fully adaptable to meet clients’ needs today and tomorrow and moving its purpose forward.

Portal 724 will assist its clients in carrying out their mandate by offering custom IP solutions such as portal applications, managed hosting, IS helpdesk, ASP/ISP consulting services and Embedded software technology that are all designed to make the dissemination of these services effective for their Consumers, Sales Companies, Distributors, Dealers and Factories.

Portal 724 experience, choice of partners and overall Software and Hardware Engineering knowledge pool will enable clients to successfully continue their promotion of excellence amongst their consumers and channel partners.

As pioneers in portal technology development, integrated solutions and with established partners and significant third party capabilities, Portal 724 will provide the depth and breadth of well-balanced customized and off-the-shelf technologies necessary to service the broad and ever expanding range of IT markets.  In keeping with this philosophy, Portal 724 has the ways and means to respond effectively to the requirements of any business, large or small.

The highly skilled international teams of Portal 724 draw on their extensive backgrounds in innovative thinking, self-development, content and technology re-purposing, multimedia design, leadership and management to form the perfect marriage of skills required to build and disseminate this unique quality turnkey portal products and services.

Portal 724 will enable its clients to offer its customers the ability to appreciate the technology most relevant to their needs.

Portal 724 understands its clients vision and objectives. Through our collective global experience in marketing advanced technology solutions and IT management, Portal 724 has the combined experience, expertise, and financial assurance to best support clients in the fulfillment of their mandates.

Portal 724 looks forward to working with its clients to promote and benchmark excellence, offering a wide range of leading edge online features and functionalities and maintaining clients’ relevance to their Consumers and Channel, today and into the future.

We bring a unique advantage in tying web site hosting, web site development together with tier-1 co-location, best-in-class system architecture, 7×24 high server availability and quick response helpdesk.

Thanks for visiting our website, don’t hesitate to contact us – Portal 724 Team.

  • Home Telecare Back Office Service Provider.
  • Client/Server Software Development Services.
  • Sharepoint hosting and Development.
  • IVR development and integration with disease management.
  • Product Research and Development.
  • VOIP for Technical Support.
  • .NET Web Development for online photo printing and sharing.
  • E-commerce customization.
  • Cloud based infrastructure hosting and maintenance. 
  • Key Management Software Licensing System.
  • Business Process Automation.
  • VOIP
  • Digital Signage for Times Square LED board.
  • Dynamic DNS for IP Camera.
  • CES Network Design and Support.
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • Patient Survey IVR & Integration STAR II.
  • Application development, maintenance, & hosting.
Industry Standards Association
  • SD Card Association Portal Development and Hosting.
  • DVD-RAM Group Association Portal Development and Hosting.
  • HD-PLC Association Portal Development and Hosting.