We design powerful solutions purposely-built to meet the rapidly changing demands of health care.

  • We manufacture and supply COVID-19 PPE
  • We provide Remote Monitoring for COVID-19 patients
  • We are a turnkey mobile health solution provider
  • We specialize in RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring)
  • Tablet | Scale | BP | SPO2 | Glucometer | Thermometer | SmartWatch | SmartMed

What We Do

Care.Global has mobile telehealth products that benefit patients and health care professionals alike.

Care.Global’s remote patient monitoring allows your patients medical data to be sent to you from the comfort of their own home. Weight, BMI, blood pressure, glucose levels, pulse and other vital indicators are sent wirelessly to your office or clinic using a convenient kit of Bluetooth enabled devices. We provide you with the programs you need to help keep track of patient results. You will have the real time data you need to proactively track symptoms and patient health.

Care.Global technology also allows you to monitor patient prescriptions from their homes with a simple easy-to-use device. Your patients are given a tamper-proof medication bottle that consists of a smart cap, pill dispenser, embedded computer and modem. Your office or clinic receives the data you need to monitor your patient’s compliance with their drug regimen and track their consumption history.

Be assured that all the data that is sent by our products is confidential and secure throughout every stage of transmission. As required, Care.Global also deploys, monitors and remotely upgrades your devices.

Fewer trips to the doctor’s office or clinic, lower health care delivery costs, real-time access to patient information are but some of the many benefits of using Care.Global’s innovative mobile telehealth products.

Care.Global sets the standard for remote healthcare monitoring. With our patient health monitoring products you will improve your office productivity and efficiency while increasing patient satisfaction.

What We Specialize In

  1. Care.Global is an innovative telehealth solutions provider.
  2. We are dedicated to improving the health of our subscribers from the comforts of their homes through remote patient monitoring.
  3. We are a multi-service supplier of information technology, information systems and hosting solutions with over 20 years’ experience in business process automation.

Company History

Care.Global, a Portal 724 company, was founded in 2007 by a former Panasonic Corporation executive with a vision to provide expert technical services in the developing health care marketplace. Having served one of the first vendors of the CCHT program, Viterion, a former subsidiary of Bayer HealthCare, the Care.Global team has a strong and enduring background in resolving healthcare needs with technological solutions.

Contracted to support a 25,000-patient program to monitor patients with Congestive Heart Failure (“CHF”), Care.Global developed a turnkey Telehealth solution, which included providing data management, creating proprietary tablets and weight scales, and developing an FDA-approved software application.

As a supplier of information technology, information systems and hosting solutions, the Care.Global team has over 20 years of experience in business automation solutions.

Care.Global offers custom IP solutions such as portal applications, managed hosting, IS helpdesk, ASP/ISP consulting services and embedded software technology that are all designed for effective dissemination to consumers, sales companies, distributors, dealers and factories.

What makes us different

Our proprietary tablet, scale, blood pressure monitor, Medical Event Monitoring System (MEMS) are created by our own hardware design team and factory specifically with patient and doctor needs in mind.

All products are vetted by a highly experienced quality assurance team.

High quality products and services.

We have FDA Approved Devices.